BioGreen Treatment Product – Oak Wilt

Has the oak wilt fungus invaded your beautiful oak tree?

Do not let the oak wilt fungus take shelter inside your oak tree, but kill it before it devours your oak tree. BioGreen Tree Care can provide you with the ultimate cure—our safe, green, and effective proprietary formula.


BioGreen Tree Care formula combines a large number of natural microorganisms (archaea) to create a powerful and strong formula. It attacks the oak wilt fungus, terminating it from your oak tree by starving the oak wilt fungus and renewing its chance to live once again. Our formula functions to open the circulation system of an oak tree, nourishing the tree from the roots to the leaves.

As soon as the oak tree receives its treatment, the healing process from oak wilt begins. We’ve seen trees begin re-leafing after they had lost large percentages of their foliage, with complete recovery next season. We’ve seen the beginning of a complete reversal of veinal necrosis in trees affected by oak wilt within weeks, resulting in healthy leaves and new growth. Each oak tree grows and matures at different rates depending on their environment and their genes. The results you see may be affected by different conditions, and full recovery from the oak wilt may take up to several growing seasons.

Best Time for Treatment

Because oak wilt spreads rapidly and kills your trees, timing is critical. The summer heat, combined with this fungus, can destroy a tree in days. Immediate action is imperative. We can advise you on what next steps should look like.   When you suspect your tree is infected or threatened by surrounding trees, contact us for a consultation and assessment. Our system can be effective year-round.

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One of our ingredients are microorganisms called archaea. These are the smallest and oldest living things that we know of. They are about 1/3rd smaller than the smallest virus. You can put over 50 billion on your thumbnail. They can reproduce every 20 minutes under optimal conditions. What they do is remove the food source for the oak wilt fungus.

How Archaea do this is by removing or exchanging electrons from atoms. When your tree is needing an atom like carbon, nitrogen, or such. They weaken the atomic bond from the molecules the fungus needs. Removing that atom changing the shape of that molecule so that it is no longer palatable to the fungus, removing the food for that fungus.

We have a threefold treatment method:

1st. We put our formula down in a powdered form underneath the tree as needed.

2nd. We spray under the tree with a special compost tea.

3rd. We then do a foliar spray hitting the foliage of the tree with our compost tea where needed.

The compost tea has multiple things in it to enhance the health and immune system of the trees. Our compost tea includes beneficial bacteria, fungus, trace elements, minerals along with our special blend of archaea. 

Biogreen Tree Care Can Eliminate Oak Wilt On Your Property. Guaranteed!

Biogreen’s product can treat and eliminate oak wilt from one tree as effectively as several hundred trees. Our breakthrough oak wilt proprietary product requires no costly trenching or invasive chemical injections, making it more cost-effective and healthier for your trees and property.


Our all-natural BioGreen Preventive Product removes the oak wilt fungus’ food source, preventing its ability to move into the tree. This, in return, makes it possible for the tree to have what it needs, when it needs it, and enhances its ability to resist attacks from disease, insects, and other threats. This can also provide much needed peace of mind, by removing the threat of oak wilt from your oak trees.


Our BioGreen Rejuvenator is a cost-effective method to ensure your oak tree flourishes and grows. You may only require a seasonal application. It can increase your tree’s foliage by one-third or more within two weeks, depending on time of application and the genetics of the tree.

Our unique custom combination of ingredients and trace elements harness the ability of the tree to enhance the foliage and root ball’s growth. Our BioGreen Rejuvenator product increases the tree’s absorption of nutrients and decreases its need for water. Your oak tree will greatly benefit from our formula, as its leaves will become thicker and waxier, thus providing it with a stronger coat of armor. Its crown will become fuller and lush, thus providing the tree with more oxygen, splendor, and shade. It also enhances your tree’s ability to resist attacks from disease, insects, and other threats.


We offer residents from all over Texas with a consultation. We offer our fungus killing services to: Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, El Paso, Waco, Leander, Temple, Georgetown, Lakeway, New Braunfels, Sugarland, The Woodlands, Spring, Katy, Tomball, Kyle, And many more areas in Texas!

When you start taking care of your plant life, your property’s value will increase instead of plummeting 15 percent or more. Contact us at 512-712-6100 for more information on our oak tree rejuvenation products.

A Shield of Protection for Your Oak Trees and Property Value

Our product literally removes from the affected trees and surrounding trees the food source the oak wilt fungus feeds on, thereby eliminating active oak wilt from the entire property. You don’t have to pick and choose the trees you want to save. Our product allows you to treat all your oak trees, more effectively, with less cost, ensuring the survival of your trees. Call us today at 512.712.6100 for a consultation for your property.