Traditionally, there have been only two methods of treating and quarantining oak wilt. The first is direct injection of fungicide into the tree, which has had some success with oak wilt in Texas. The second method involves trenching around the infected tree(s), thereby shutting off transmission of the oak wilt fungus via the roots. This second method is successful only so far as the surrounding trees haven’t already been infected. It also pretty much isolates the affected trees, allowing them to either die or survive, usually to die.

Biogreen Tree Care’s method is much different from the traditional methods, but actually accomplishes both with the same treatment. Biogreen’s proprietary formula is absorbed into the tree through its roots. Without going into a long discussion of molecular biology, the product, comprised of billions of archaea, literally removes the food source of the oak wilt fungus from the tree, starving it out. While doing that, there is a by-product of the process, which allows the tree itself to better absorb necessary nutrients and minerals needed. It is not unusual to see 10-15% new growth within about 7-14 days. More severely affected trees may see significant re-foliage during the next season, as the oak wilt is overcome.

The product, by being introduced into the ground surrounding the affected trees, literally spreads into any other trees connected by their roots. This action prevents the spread of oak wilt into other trees, and helps keep the surrounding trees healthy.

Biogreen’s product is FDA and USDA approved for use around children and pets. There are no adverse side effects to using our product for oak wilt.

The key to oak wilt treatment is early diagnosis combined with prompt treatment by Biogreen Tree Care. With numerous years’ experience dealing with oak wilt in Texas, Biogreen is uniquely qualified to provide the best possible oak wilt treatment available.

Call Biogreen for a consultation and inspection to ensure your trees are correctly diagnosed for oak wilt and the best possible treatment is obtained. We look forward to working with you.

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Oak Wilt Treatment Results


Columbus, TX
This tree had active oak wilt in it in Feb. It had several large branches that had lost leaves. This pic was taken the next June. Our preventative product also has kept the oak wilt in check. It hasn’t moved to the other live oaks around it.

Wimberly, TX
This tree had active oak wilt in it when we treated it. This was taken the next year in June. As you can see a complete recovery from oak wilt. We also shut down the oak wilt movement from the vector tree.

These trees had oak wilt in the tops of them when we treated them in Feb. These pics we taken after they re-leaved at the end of May.
They were treated after other arborists had told the customer to cut them down because of oak wilt. They are now on the way to recovery.

These trees had lost 75-85% of its leaves from oak wilt. 30 days after treatment there was new growth on all the tree with a complete regrowth the next season.

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