Preventive Treatment gives you Peace of Mind

Prevention of the spread of oak wilt and oak decline is extremely important to us at Biogreen Tree Care. We realize once oak wilt has been treated in one or several trees, or when your property is surrounded by infected trees, prevention of the spread of the oak wilt to healthy trees is absolutely necessary. We at Biogreen have developed highly effective methods of prevention of the spread of oak wilt.

Without preventive treatment, those healthy trees in the vector area can manifest oak wilt quickly, sometimes dying within a matter of weeks. By being proactive and letting Biogreen come apply preventive products, you can effectively ensure the continued health of your trees. Introducing our custom product to your trees will create a healthy environment for your trees. This prevents the oak wilt fungus from activating within the tree, whether brought to the tree by root grafts or a carrier like the sap beetle.

Don’t let it happen! Call BioGreen Tree Care today and let us get our trained industry experts dispatched to your location. Not only will you not have to worry about oak wilt again, but we will give you a both a guarantee and price that will leave you confident in your choice. You have our word on that. Call today!

Oak Wilt Prevention Photos

These trees were treated with our preventative product. After 6 years no sign of oak wilt even though active oak wilt is in the area.
We used our preventive product for oak wilt. This was taken after 5 years of treatment.
These trees were pretty much surrounded with oak wilt. Treated 5 years ago with our preventative product.


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