Do My Trees Have Oak Wilt?

Oak wilt is a destructive arborial illness commonly spread in the United States. In recent years, Texas oaks have been especially susceptible to the symptoms caused by the fungus. Known by arborists as Ceratocystis fagacearum, oak wilt penetrates and breaks down the water-carrying system in oak trees. All oak species are prone to oak wilt fungus in some form or fashion, but red and live oaks fare worse Oak wilt treatment is most effective if you recognize the symptoms the trees on your property display. If you think the trees in Waco & Temple have oak wilt, reach out to BioGreen Tree Care for professional solutions.

What does Oak Wilt Look Like?

With increasing power, this harmful fungus has traveled across rural areas of Texas, damaging the preserves we love and threatening property values all over.

Oak wilt infects each species of oak differently. Red oaks are the most prone and can perish if neglected. Live Oaks usually wilt within 1-6 months, although a few can struggle for years. Live oaks become thin and yellow from a distance, often losing most of their leaves. Although better off than red oaks, 85% of infected live oaks perish. This species does not usually foster fungal mats.

How Oak Wilt Spreads in Waco & Temple

Oak wilt comes from three typical sources, often triggering each other. Knowing the ways oak wilt moves and penetrates your oaks can protect them from severe infection and quick death.

Underground Grafts

Oak trees, especially live oaks develop in dense collections with close roots. This tight connection allows the oaks share water and fertilizer within the soil. Although these connected roots help oak trees under times of drought, but they are more prone to issues that spread underground. Grafting is an artificial or natural process that combines fibers from two or more trees onto one organism. Although often healthy to the oaks, it sometimes make trees more vulnerable to disease. Oak wilt can grow until the entire property is in an oak wilt disease center with dozens of dead oaks.

Beating the Beetles

When red oaks catch oak wilt, the tree's fungal mats grow and crack the bark. Sap beetles land on the growing fungal mats which give off a sweet smell. Fungal mats can also develop on red oak wood piles. When the beetles feed on the mats of the infected tree, fungal spores adhere to their bodies. With each new oak the sap beetles visit, the probability of oak wilt grows. BioGreen specialists suggest postponing trimming until the middle of summer or winter during the beetles' dormant seasons.

Exposed Trimming Gear

Another way oak wilt spreads is when a trimming tool makes contact with a contaminated tree and is used on an unaffected oak tree without being wiped down. Because of this, it is crucial to cleanse instruments with an alcohol solution prior to cutting any other trees. Regardless if you're using pruning shears or other landscaping instruments, it can be easy to spread disease from a sick oak and continue to the next quickly. The work will go faster without cleaning, but this can cause more issues on your property in the long term.

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There are a few ways to minimize the fungus on your property. First, eliminate all the sick oaks in your area, additionally keep kindling under a tarp and away from other vulnerable oak trees. The rest of the unaffected oak trees should get a coat of paint over all wounds in the trunk. For extensive methods, root trenching and fungal treatment often assists in the recovery steps. BioGreen provides management for oak wilt around the Waco & Temple, Texas area.

BioGreen provides a system that brings back a hurt tree's functioning foliage by 50%. Don't hesitate to treat your trees, our specialists provide a free quote for any threatened oaks. Our program is effective year round, and we have experience with homes and business grounds in the Waco & Temple area.

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