Oak Wilt in Houston, Texas

Oak wilt is a deadly disease that disturbs both red and live oaks in Houston. Trees infected with Oak wilt have an 85 percent mortality rate, so it is necessary to have the problem treated at once. Oak wilt is a fungus that is transported through the roots to nearby trees, enlarging fungal mats which draw sap beetles. The beetles move between desecrated trees and continue to infect them. You can also damage trees by using unclean trimming tools on a healthy tree. You can ward off Oak wilt by painting over lacerations on your trees and sanitizing your tools in between trimmings.

Oak wilt can quickly kill an oak tree if action is not taken.

Oak wilt Symptoms

Red oaks in Houston are the most affected by the Oak wilt fungus. They begin to turn brown rapidly when infected, beginning with the leaves and moving inward. Live oaks will appear fragile,yellowish and lose most of their leaves. A red oak can die within a few months of being infected, while live oaks can live up to six months. After the death of an oak tree the wood might form germ-producing networks under the bark. To evade the spreading of Oak wilt fungus, dead trees need to be cut down, burned or chipped immediately to stop the spore-producing networks from advancing and spreading the disease further.

Oak wilt Treatment in Houston

If your tree is afflicted with Oak wilt, it is vital to have it treated immediately. Oak trees are in the most danger during summer, since the hot weather elicits the fungus to spread faster, destroying the tree within days.  It’s best to have your trees treated in the spring to prevent Oak wilt in the summer.

At BioGreen Tree Care, we can stop the Oak wilt infection from spreading through roots, provide precautionary treatments like fungicides and eliminate any particles of a contaminated from your yard to avoid spreading the infection.

To stop the disease in its tracks, we’ll build a trench around the tree to cut off the roots’ transmission of the Oak wilt fungus. After trenching, we’ll then apply the fungicide injections to prevent further damage.

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