Oak Wilt in Austin and Round Rock, Texas

Live and red oak trees in Austin and Round Rock are at risk for Oak wilt, a life-threatening infection that can kill the tree within months. Trees tainted with Oak wilt have an 85 percent mortality rate, so it is essential to have the problem treated quickly. Oak wilt is a fungus that is transported through the roots to surrounding trees, expanding fungal mats which attract sap beetles. Sap beetles travel between trees, drawn to the fruity aroma of the fungal mats, and spread the fungus further. You can also infect trees by using infected trimming tools on a healthy tree.  Prevent Oak wilt yourself by painting over lacerations on your trees and cleaning your tools in between trimmings.

BioGreen Tree Care can help protect your oak trees from oak wilt fungus.

Oak wilt Symptoms

Live and red oaks are the most common species, and red oak trees are the most affected by the Oak wilt fungus,  they begin to turn brown rapidly when diseased, beginning with the leaves and moving inwards. Live oaks will appear fragile and yellowish and lose most of their leaves. A red oak can die within a few months of being infected, while live oaks can last up to six months. When an oak dies, the wood might form bacteria-producing networks under the bark.

If you have a dead tree in your garden that was killed by Oak wilt, it is crucial to remove it immediately. Keeping the dead tree for too long will allow it to create fungal mats beneath the bark, which will spread the disease to other trees. 

Oak wilt Treatment in Austin and Red Rock

You need to treat trees in Austin or Red Rock with Oak wilt immediately to prevent the fungus from spreading. Oak trees are in the most danger during summer, since the hot weather permits the disease to spread faster, destroying the tree within days.  It's best to have your trees treated in the spring to prevent oak wilt in the summer.

BioGreen Tree Care in Austin and Round Rock, Texas can stop Oak wilt from travelling, provide preventative treatments like fungicides and get rid of any remaining pieces of diseased oak trees to ensure that the infection doesn’t spread.  

To stop the disease from continuing, we’ll build a ditch around the tree to cut off the roots’ transference of the oak wilt fungus. In conjunction with trenching, we’ll then apply the fungicide injections to prevent avoid any damage.

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