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The Heart and Soul of BioGreen

Being born and raised in Texas, I’ve personally seen the devastation and havoc that Oak Wilt has wreaked on the environment, scenic beauty — and property values of central Texas and its beloved Hill Country.

We love trees and know that you do too. Trees bring life, beauty and character to our homes, neighborhoods and environment.

As homeowners, we understand that, beyond the emotional value there is a very real and tangible property value associated with trees. Many experts estimate the value to be 15% or more.

BioGreen Tree Care’s Roots

The roots of our exclusive process can be traced to a brilliant microbiologist and holder of six doctorates. It is but one of his many breakthrough discoveries that never was marketed until now.

We can’t save every tree and become frustrated and disheartened, if and when, we lose even a single tree. The fact that you are considering us is truly an honor.

Our Number One Priority

We are confident that you will be happy with the results as our growing list of satisfied customers have found. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Call us today at 512.712.6100 for a consultation…and prevent your property value from plummeting 15% or more.

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Read this article from the City of Austin to learn more about Oak Wilt affecting our Live Oaks in Central Texas.

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