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Being born and raised in Texas, I’ve personally seen the devastation and havoc that oak wilt has wreaked on the environment. In some areas of our beloved state of Texas, this fungus has destroyed the scenic beauty and historical significance of our Oak trees. Property values throughout Texas have also taken a hit. Responsible tree care needs to include inspection and treatment for oak wilt.

We love trees and know that you do too. Trees bring life, beauty and character to our homes, neighborhoods and environment. We are proud to have satisfied customers from Waco to Houston and Dallas to San Antonio.

As homeowners, we understand that beyond the emotional value, there is a very real and tangible property value associated with trees. Many experts estimate the value to be 15% or more of the total real estate value. Make BioGreen Tree Care your partner for prevention and treatment of Oak Wilt throughout the great state of Texas.

Biogreen Tree Care proudly serves the great State of Texas.

BioGreen Tree Care’s Roots

The roots of our exclusive process can be traced to a brilliant microbiologist and holder of six doctorate degrees. It is but one of his many breakthrough discoveries and it has never been marketed until now.

We can’t save every tree and it’s frustrating and disheartening when we lose even a single Oak. The fact that you are considering us is truly an honor. We treat both residential and commercial properties.

Prevention and Treatment Services

In addition to solving problems with oak wilt once they occur, we include inspection, treatment, and suggested maintenance with every tree care service. We believe this step to be vital because Oak Wilt can take over and cause leaves to die and fall off within about a week. Biogreen’s oak wilt treatment has proven successful in removing the oak wilt fungus from trees and restoring them to health.

Our Number One Priority

We are confident that you will be happy with the results and join our growing list of success stories. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We give your tree a coat of armor that helps prevent insect infestation and future fungal problems.

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Few things can take over and destroy a setting or cluster of gorgeous tress quite like a case of oak wilt. If you have trees on your property, home, and/or business, and are not familiar with the toxic fungus, be warned. It will rip through the lushest settings with a vengeance.

Currently, 21 states are plagued by oak wilt, and there is nothing that suggests that the number will not be escalating in the coming seasons. Certain parts of Texas have suffered significant losses of trees from oak wilt. It is always best to have oak trees inspected since oak wilt can be cured and managed.
Many homes and a striking number of businesses have begun diversifying the kinds of oak trees that are present, which while quite eye catching, does nothing to stop the progress of deadly oak wilt. There is no species of oak tree that is immune to the fungus, but we at BioGreen Tree Care know what is needed to restore your trees to health.

As a matter of fact, no one is better suited for the work than your friends at BioGreen Tree Care. We know how to treat even the most severe outbreaks and if captured in time can potentially save trees with active oak wilt, and prevent the spread of the fungus to surrounding trees. However, often people put off the treatment assuming that it is going to be costly or cumbersome, which is sad, since neither is true here at BioGreen Tree Care.

Even worse, we see cases where the owners have no idea that the trees are even sick. This may sound strange, but in many cases, people see the diminished leaves and think little of them. It appears as but a quirk, at first, so this is totally understandable, we hear it often. Sadly, this is not just a harmless anomaly to anyone who loves their trees. What it is, in fact, is a progressive deterioration that turns the trees into firewood so rapidly that it almost seems beyond reason to many.


Seen from a distance the tree will have a yellowish cast or look, and the top could be thinning. Walking underneath the tree, the fallen leaves will show several distinct signs of oak wilt. The most predominant is veinal necrosis, which is a yellowing of the veins in the leaf. (see “About Oak Wilt” page for photos.) Defoliation happens as leaves fall in all stages of leaf development.

There is no one in the area of oak wilt treatment and prevention who can battle oak wilt like BioGreen Tree Care can, but it is not an easy task. It is far better to have the property inspected at the first signs of oak wilt, before the whole tree or cluster is lost.

Too often we hear from people who have lost significant numbers of trees, which could have been prevented with timely oak wilt treatment.
Some trees see their deaths happen in only one to two weeks. Almost ALL trees die in the span of one year. After a handful of your favorite trees have met a quickened end, it’s easy to assume that the worst is now done. Nothing at all could be further from the truth.


Oak wilt is caused by a fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum.


Oak wilt is spread in several ways:

  • The sap beetle is usually the long-distance carrier by feeding on the fungal mat of an infected tree and carrying the oak wilt spores to healthy trees.
  • Roots grafts between trees in a close proximity spread the oak wilt fungus from infected trees to healthy trees. Roots can grow as far as 150 to 300 feet, depending on the size and age of the tree.
  • Tools used in trimming infected trees, if not disinfected correctly, can spread the oak wilt fungus.
  • Squirrels, birds, insects, etc., can carry the oak wilt fungus from tree to tree.

Biogreen Tree Care’s proprietary method of oak wilt treatment and prevention have saved countless trees throughout Texas. 

It’s been proven time and again that, when oak wilt is treated in a timely manner, Biogreen can rid your trees of oak wilt and prevent it spreading to other trees on your property..

Best Oak Wilt Treatment

Boerne, TX

Boerne, Texas is blessed with some of the most beautiful oaks in all of America. We know Boerne loves their oaks. At the first sign of oak wilt, Boerne, TX calls for the safe, effective treatment exclusive to BioGreen Tree Care. At BioGreen, we know that people want to be outside enjoying their shade trees. Our oak wilt treatment and prevention is safe for people, pets, and other trees while delivering a knockout punch to deadly oak wilt.  
There’s no need to wait for an oak wilt outbreak.  
You can use the safe, affordable oak wilt treatment Boerne has been using for years to prevent a problem before it even starts.
Call us today, and we’ll get your  oaks back in tip top shape, whether it’s in Boerne or any other area of Texas with oak wilt infection.